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27 Jul 2016

This is a short post about the expansion of MySelfDefenseBlog.com. You see I, like over a billion others of you have tried facebook and other such sites and for me it is maddening! I’ll go over the pros and cons and then what I really think. I’m not trying to sway anyone else to my way of thinking but this is more of an explanation of why I’m expanding the scope of this blog.



Pros – you can keep up with family and friends. Really you will know everything about them. More about them then you probably wanted to know. Many people think this is a plus!


You can find long gone “friends” and rekindle an friendship and perhaps remember why you lost them as a friend!


You can see photos – selfies really – of all your friends smiling, jumping, making weird faces… sometimes you laugh-ol!


The last pro is you can find some of your friends, a really small percentage of them that actually know how to have civil discourse on topics you might disagree!


Cons – too many to list but here are a few:


Group think – people will either agree with you and tell you how great you are or they won’t. Many times people simply parrot what they heard without thinking at all. So you find people promoting stuff the don’t agree with (if they too the time to read). So people tend to flock together.


People are not so polite as they are in real life.


Friends feel free to throw politically correct labels such as racist or homophobic (unless you call them the same thing back). and if you stoop to their level – things get ugly fast.


All the “friends” of your friends can comment on your stuff if you friend commented on it – meaning if you think your friends are impolite – wait until you see comments from people you have not giving the virtual friend nod.


Opinions. Someone once said everyone had an opinion. The funny thing is a lot of people let ideas into their heads without any vetting. Meaning what they think to be true is not even close. Yet they will try to convince you of their fallacy. That gets tiring.


So as I said it is not all inclusive but an over view of the pros and cons.


What I don’t like about facebook is the cussing, name calling, married men posting pictures of bikini clad girls, and all of the rest of the meaningless chit chat about nothing. I actually liked the dog videos – not so much the cat videos though.


So every time I went on facebook and had to read a degrading post about nonsense – I felt like a little bit of my humanity was dying. I found it harder to enter into my prayer life knowing so many people were so hateful to others (I’m not speaking special interest but general mostly from my perspective).


I wasted so much time checking facebook that projects around the house and things I wanted to do were not getting done.


So for me I’ll stick with blogging. People who want to chat with me here have to be respectful. It is ok to have opposing viewpoints so long as they are civil.


If anyone wants to come on a call me names or cuss  or post half nude pictures of girls or just try and ruin my opinion of humanity for the day – NO DICE! Your comment will never be read or considered in my sandbox. You cannot get past go! Your blather will be lost in cyberspace never to be found.


So in case you did not realize it – I really do not like facebook! I see no socially redeeming value in that platform but respectfully, I will not judge you if you like it. I will never know because I will not see you on facebook! :)


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2 Responses to “Social Media Does Not Work for Me; Expanding the Scope of this Blog!”

  1. Dr. J Says:

    I fully support your expanding the scope of your blog, John! You have a lot of wisdom, knowledge of many subjects, and the ability to express yourself quite clearly with a non-judgmental caring attitude.

    I’ve done a little Facebook for the positive reasons you mentioned, but not too much. I do see a lot of comments on MSN and AOl, and the nasty vitriol from the commenters can be quite depressing for me. I tend to look for bridges to bring people together rather than look for differences to keep us apart. I once read “We do not have to always agree with someone to get along with them, we just have to want to get along with them.” Amen.

  2. Matt Klein Says:

    Facebook can be very frustrating. The majority of people on there have an “all about me” mentality. They spout forth their nonsense several times a day like they are rock stars, and comment or like others’ postings rarely or never. Facebook can be very useful for a business if you separate your business from your personal persona. I have found FB to be very helpful to develop our community as a business page. We have over 900 followers now. You must constantly update it and make it attractive for people to visit. That means lots of photos, newsworthy items, and videos. It takes work. My personal FB page is completely different. Very little info about my business, and absolutely nothing about politics or religion. You will lose a lot of friends if you do, and you are not going to change anyone’s mind anyway. If people do not engage with me, I unfollow them, as I am not interested in what they are saying, if they are not interested in my stuff. I have unfollowed hundreds for not engaging and especially if they spout forth political stuff. It makes FB much more pleasant for me. I really like how it has connected me with old friends and helps keep me connected with family as well. Just MOHO John.