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21 Feb 2010


I remember back to the 1980’s when Ghost Busters first came out and I thought wouldn’t it we weird if there were really things that went bump in the night? I am the type of guy that does not think twice about going into the woods at night. I figure the worst that can happen to me is a momentary surprise before I take care of the offending animal. But what about the strange, abby normal and downright supernatural?


Well I, like many, have been curious about spirits, monsters, aliens, and hauntings so imagine my excitement when my wife (Sly) created her website a couple of years ago called Paranormaland! Now I know that ghosts and werewolves are not my normal subject of self-defense but what if that is happening to you? I mean where do you go for the straight dope on supernatural, out of this world and weird things you do not know about? Well one place is Paranormaland.com!


In this post I will give an overview of some of the topics discussed on Paranormaland and how some of these topics might help one in a real life self-defense situation. However most of the topics are just strange and interesting. Here is how the top of the website looks.


Isn’t that a cool looking website? I tried to talk Sly into a blog like I run because of the ease of entry and content management of webspace but after looking at the available templates – she declined. Instead Sly got a web editor and learned HTML so she could create her own cool looking site!

Now the question most on my mind has always been the idea of ghosts and huntings. And if you are one of the unlucky ones to be haunted – what do you do? Remember the hit movie in the 80’s – Ghostbusters? Here is a movie trailer.


Let me just say Hollywood has a way of going to the extreme in a fun kind of way. Real hauntings are not so entertaining. I’m sure you have seen one of the ghost hunting shows where they come to the rescue of a haunted family. Do these things really happen? Some think so. Is there any benefit to knowing others that have been though hauntings? I think so because wouldn’t you like to know the current research available if something like this happens to you?

In that vein take a look at Sly’s Ghosts and Hauntings page. The first thing you will notice is a very balanced overview on what might be involved if you are haunted. I like the delivery where she says (paraphrasing) it is up to each person to make up his or her mind. I agree since there is no real way to prove the supernatural and as Sly says, we will find out for sure when when we die.

What would one do though if he or she were haunted? Well there are lots of choices but in my mind, if you accept the spirit world then perhaps it is time to embrace your or a religion and bless/pray over you home. The internet is a great way to find out all of the current information and there are people that go out and try to find evidence of ghosts for you. Perhaps if you have more support that something is really happening – it will give you peace.

Now lets turn to another scenario – an attack by aliens! I don’t know if you were aware but one time the USA was reportedly attacked by aliens! Aliens reportedly attacked Earth and our nation was stunned! Here is a clip of that broadcast!


Well I am glad (as I am sure you are) to hear that this was a hoax! But later during WWII the Army supposedly engaged an alien space craft during the Battle of Los Angles in the following video. This was supposedly explained away as a weather balloon. But what if we are really being visited by aliens?

I don’t know about you but after hearing estimates of how many planets in the universe that have the possibility of life, I have an open mind when it comes to alien life existing and even the possibility of human contact. As an avowed skeptic, while I have an open mind, I’d love to discover someday that there are aliens! So my position is one of neutrality… look at each incident on its merits but I will not bad mouth people that are either for or against.

Sly has a cool Aliens and UFOs page with an overview of the latest information! She had to create her own art work a couple of times on this page (she is a good artist). She has included a section on alien abductions as this is a current concern of reported abductees. My worry here is if aliens could exist (as Carl Sagan postulated) and visited Earth – what could we do if they attacked? Would karate work? I mean I tend to view the world from practical concerns. Here is one popular movie trailer of just this eventuality.

I watched that move on the edge of my seat! Imagine for a moment that Aliens really did attack! What could you do? My guess is like the War of the Worlds, our planet – our rules. Sure there would be some amazing weaponry but it would be hard to imagine if it came to fisticuffs – that we could not best an alien in a pugilistic match! Recall Predator or Enemy Mine? In both cases we had a chance.

Ok whether a ghost, monster, alien or whatever Paranormaland is the prefect website to get an overview of what you might be up against. Some of the topics Sly reviews are:

Whatever your interest in the strange and unexplained phenomena – Paranormaland has something to offer. Even if you want the latest information on Bigfoot or Serial Killers so you can bone up on your self-defense strategies; please visit paranormaland!

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