Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior Series!

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21 Apr 2009


I have been hearing and reading about this new series on Spike TV called, The Deadliest Warrior. I checked out some videos on youtube and the series seems pretty interesting.


According to Wikipedia.com:

Deadliest Warrior is a television program on Spike TV in which historical warriors are pit against each other in simulated battles. Each episode showcases two warriors in a hypothetical battle to the death; similar to shows like Animal Face-Off and Jurassic Fight Club.


I will do a overview of this TV show in this post for those like me – just learning about this series. Apparently tonight a Spartan will fight a Ninja. Here is a good overview video I found.




Wow, this show looks like it will be interesting. Tonight I will be watching how the warriors do and it should be interesting how they decide the winner. Wikipedia states:

Each warrior is given four weapons from the particular group they are associated. Modern experts on said weapons present the strengths, and weaknesses of each arsenal, including real tests of the weapons. The data collected is then fed into a computer simulation to determine the average winner of one thousand battles. After the winner is determined, a mock battle takes place to showcase how each weapon is used in a real battle situation, and to determine which combatant is the deadliest warrior.


Just using logic, I would think between the Spartan vs Ninja – The ninja should easily win because the Spartans are really old school. The spartan’s weaponry is a couple of century’s old and there were ninjas in Japan still in action last century I think. The ninjas had to fight Samurai on occasion and one can say the Samurai could fight against Europeans (think last week when the Samurai beat the Vikings).


Now I will be interested to see if the ninjas get to use stealth a good portion of the mock battles as that was their forte! Anyway here is some video of last week’s match up for your perusal.  



I just saw this video and I am hooked! The mock fight sequence was great!!! Now let me just state the obvious here – there are a lot of judgment calls being made here. It is kind of hard to figure how one or another can have an edge without a real fight because who care which weapon crushed the head faster or harder? If the end result is a crushed head – the result is the same.


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