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16 Aug 2009


In the much anticipated match of the summer, Chris Cyborg won decisively over Gina Carano! Cyborg turned out to be the better striker as well as better ground fighter. Carano held her own the first half of the first round and escaped a couple of submission attempts but she (Carano) could not hang with Cyborg’s pace.


I was impressed with one other match of Showtime’s Strikforce event; Babalu Sobral vs Gegard Mousasi for the light heavyweight belt. I will highlight both videos in this post but first, here is Cyborg vs Carano.



I think the Brazilian Chrs Cyborg Stantos has set a new standard other female MMA fighters will now be judged. I was impressed how she (Cyborg) slipped Carano’s punches (negating the power) and connected with her punches. The ring side announcers were speaking of Carano’s tactics and Cyborgs power but I saw Cyborg’s tatics win the day!

In another match for the light-heavy weight belt, I was impressed with Mousasi’s first foray into American MMA. He (Mousasi) is an international fighter that can really take advantage of his position. I was watching while he was striking Babalu Sobral and almost every strike met its mark. I was impressed that Mousasi paused at the end to give the referee a chance to stop the bout – good sportsmanship. Here is that fight for your perusal.

The thing I liked about Mousasi is he appeared very relaxed. In other news, Strikeforce signed Fedor Emelianenko so the heavy weight competition should be fun to watch. Speaking of heavy weights, I kind of hope to see a unifying heavy weight title soon that features Strikeforces champion versus UFC’s champion. Right now it looks like that might be Fedor vs Lessner. Here is a good overview of Strikeforce’s even from MMA Junkie here.

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3 Responses to “Strikforce on Showtime; Cyborg over Carano!”

  1. Wim Says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t seen the fight though I’d heard Gina lost. Cyborg did great, can’t take anything away from her but Gina seemed to have an off day. She didn’t fight like her usual self. Looking forward to a rematch! :-)


  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey Wim,

    Gina did not seem to have confidence in her ground game and as you noticed – her timing seemed to be off. She did not connect with her punches.

    If you can’t hit your opponent and they can hit you – that is bad.

    me too for the rematch! :)

  3. Wim Says:

    True enough! And to make it worse, Cyborg brought her A game. She just walked right through almost everything Gina threw. Pretty exciting match up.