Well one of the main fights of the Summer is fast approaching on August 15! Crush vs. Cyborg! Some of you might correct me and say Gina’s handle is now Conviction and you would be right but I like the sound of Crush.


Both women have good records in MMA with 7 wins and Cyborg has one loss. Both women are billed as ready to fight and both seem ready for 5 rounds. Showtime is now hosting the Strikeforce fights and doing a good job. I’ll highlight both fighters in this post and talk a bit about what it means to women’s MMA. 



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14 May 2009


Carano vs. Cyborg is one of the fights I am waiting to see but for now I found a video game with Gina as Natasha. The game is called Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 and has a web page here. According to Wikipeda’s page here, the game is set in an alternate universe where Albert Einstein has been removed (so no nukes).


Carano seems to be good for the part as she was already bigger than life as Crush in the American Gladiator TV series. This is a short post about Gina Carano’s recent history and role in this video game. I found this video promotion for the game.



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