I have been doing karate for years and have not really thought about this from a beginning students perspective recently. I had a buddy ask me my take on teaching students how to kick the groin as beginners can miss the mark at first. Also (understandably) guys do not want to volunteer their family jewels as target practice!


Ok – one of the first kicks a student learns is the front snap kick in most styles. You bring the knee up, snap the kick out (kicking with the ball of the foot or instep), bring the kick back and land it. This method fast becomes second nature but before a student learns actual sparring (if they style they are learning does that), how is a student to know their kick is going to be a real ball buster? That is the question I’ll deal with in this post.


First for some comic relief Master Ken is going to demonstrate some ways to create more sopranos in the choir. :)



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Nut Kicking and Ball Busting Girls?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
9 Dec 2009


I have posted about this before but have you noticed that there are a lot of these ball busting stories and videos? Just go to any search engine and type in “ball busting” and you will see lots of stuff about how girls are able to make men roll around in pain after kicking them in the nuts!


In this post I’ll examine whether or not a girl or woman can reasonably expect that a swift kick in the balls will result in an incapicated man! What can happen to a guy that has had his cojones smashed? I’ll also look at why girls and women might feel the need to have something over men. The biggest question for me is why some guys willingly allow some girls to kick their family jewels!


To set the stage for this discussion here is a good overview of ball busting videos I found on youtube.



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