Teen Aged Girl of 15 – Escapes Rapist!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
26 Feb 2008

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  1. Nathan Says:

    Love your site. Would you mind contacting me via email. I have a couple of questions. Thanks- Nathan

  2. Liseeloo Says:

    I am so glad the girl escaped. Preventing attacks is the best option however, the next best option is to be prepared. In some cases, having the extra measure of security from Pepper spray or a stun gun may be the difference between life and death. I just purchased a pepper spray pager for my mom and a lipstick pepper spray for myself. I hope we will never have to use them but I am glad that we have them. My favorite site for personal self-defense products is http://www.2dsecurity.com

  3. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hello Liseeloo,

    I agree that being prepared is the best plan. I like learning self-defense, having dogs, barriers (like locked doors with deadbolts), having legal self-defense weapons including mace, pepper-spray, & stun-guns, baseball bats for the home as well as a handgun.

    One way to look at this layered defense strategy if you will, is to see baby bunny rabbits practicing their escape maneuvers and play fighting. I know a lot of purists in the martial arts arena believe that weapons don’t really matter because you won’t always have them if you need them. I disagree! I think that the more ways of eluding an attack – the better!

    Anyway – thanks for the link – I have taken a look and this page seems well put together. I like the links for various pieces of the whole picture on the website.


    John W. Zimmer

  4. James Raymond Says:

    There have been (2) fatal muggings in the last (3) months in the Cleveland
    area. Both have been against women in metro parks in broad daylight.
    You have to practice self defense. I belive in the MAP method:

    M artial Arts- Take a class or study the techniques use on this website. I am relly impressed with the videos and techniques on this website, I will be recommending this website.

    A void dangerous situations.

    P ack a stun gun , pepper spray or at least a personal alarm.

    Let’s not let criminals dictate our lifestyle.

  5. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi James,

    Sorry to hear about the muggings… I don’t really care how folks defend themselves but they should do something. I agree that self-defense would help and think pepper spray or such would be one more great thing in anyones bag of tricks.

    Take care,

    John W. Zimmer

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