The Death Touch! Does it Exist?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: karate
31 Dec 2007


I may as well be talking about the fountain of youth! The death touch? What (you may be thinking) is that? If you are a fan of the Kill Bill movies – you have seen the death touch in action… a supposed touch in a certain area or sequence of touches or even by the right person in the right state of mind. What is it and why would you want to do that is what I will try to address in this posting. I found a few videos (yes isn’t the internet and YouTube great) about the Dim Mak (one the of styles that purports to have this ability) death touch. I selected one that Fox News reviewed Ripley’s Believe it or Not claims to have the death touch!  


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After reviewing this video I saw the students that wanted to believe in the death touch, being affected whereas anyone else was not. Ok let’s review this video. Tomas Cameron is a 7th degree black belt that was taught by the controversial Grand Master, George Dillman. I remember reading about George when I as an up and coming lower belt. I remember the claim about the death touch. I asked my instructor (Dick Willett) about it and was told it was probably a bunch of bunk. He (Dick) stated (paraphrasing) that even if such a concentrated, focused chi that culminated in the death touch existed - it would take so long to get in the right frame of mind - it would be useless.


So Dillman has a following of death touch, trained students... I guess I will have to watch out! :) In this video the news person and MMA competitors were unaffected by a lesser touch and Tomas did not think they were able to be affected (he stated that only 40% of the people were affected). I guess if I am to believe this is the real thing... it is kind of like mass hysteria.   


Ok as I said... I would try to think of why anyone would want to do this. The first thing I can think of is adding the touch of death to the divorce lawyers bag of dirty tricks! Can you imagine the slogans... "Hells, Bells, and Undertakers, We make your divorce problems go away."  


I guess you might know what I think of these ridiculous claims that the death touch exists. I think the common cold is far more dangerous then a Dim Mak Master's touch of death. 


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4 Responses to “The Death Touch! Does it Exist?”

  1. Zuse Says:

    this is so cool i want to know how to do that!!!!!!!

  2. Zara Says:

    How can you have absolute faith in something that only works on 40% of people? I’m not a genius at math but these odds are even worse than getting heads on a coin-toss. Would you really want to risk life or limb with something that is more likely to fail than to actually work? Man, I’m even sceptical about pressure-points (they only work on certain people, certainly not on me) let alone this mumbo-jumbo. I agree this is purely psychological: if you firmly believe in something than your body will be affected by it and this is clearly the case with his students. Funny he mentioned this stuff is least likely to work on trained athletes: so this technique will be even less useful when faced with the most dangerous opponents? Jee, I’m impressed.

    I don’t get this ‘medical professional’: it is entirely possible for the heartrate to go up on its own. It’s called extreme fear or panic and it can be entirely self-induced and without actual injury or real danger. People with arachnafobia are likely to faint on the mere sighting of a spider, apparantly there also exists a condition which maybe called dim-mak fobia.

  3. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Zara, I should have probably filed this one under humor as it has lightened my mood everytime I revisit it. :)

  4. Zara Says:

    Yeah, along with your post on the preacher’s rantings. That was pretty funny too.