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26 Sep 2016


We hear a lot about how caring liberals are and how mean conservatives are regarding the Syrian refugee issue. This is probably fodder for tonight’s debate. For a long time this was difficult for me as a Christian because on the one hand, wanting to help people in dire straights (the reason we accept refugee’s) and the other hand, not wanting any more un-vetted refugee’s from war torn areas that we have no guarantee would give priority to victims of Genocide, Rape, and Slavery!


For me the question was answered when 56 of 10,801 Syrian refugees accepted by the US, were Christian. So considering the additional risk of ISIS seeding terrorists (no 2 year vetting) into the Muslim refugees – I would like to the US stop accepting any refugees from that war torn region. If the US is not going to favor arguably the most affected victims of the Syrian crisis (those being killed off for their Christian beliefs) then that is a deal breaker for me. I see no reason to risk American lives with any ISIS terrorists entering our country with Muslim refugees.


I’ll link to the genocide story here.


That is my opinion after careful consideration.


I totally understand if you don’t want to take my opinion – so I suggest you do your own homework. I welcome both pro and con opinions so long as they are civil, no cussing, no name calling… – just your opinion and any arguments. I welcome civil discourse and the only reasonable way good people can start to understand opposing points of view.

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