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12 Apr 2014


While searching the information super highway this morning for a topic I came across this story here. I could not believe what I was reading. I mean men were so threatened by women learning self defense they wanted to take the classes so women could not learn the “secret stuff” and beat them up? :)


While that is certainly humorous to think that, I think more is going on here. This men’s group seems to be an equal rights group for men. Maybe they are planning on suing to make some money because in some places men even go after ladies night promotions. I’m not so sure of the motivation in this case though.


In this post I’ll speak about self defense classes for women and why I think sort term women’s self defense classes should be gender biased to have the best chance at effectiveness.  First some comic relief from the onion.


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Here is the thing, women are learning self defense to protect themselves against men in most cases. There are also gender and cultural norms to consider where women defer to men in certain areas. In many cultures men are supposed to protect women so women might feel either intimated or inept if men are in a women’s self defense course learning the moves alongside them.


And I think short-term self-defense courses are only minimally effective unless the women routinely add self-defense training to their long term goals. So men honing in on women’s self-defense courses might negatively impact the ability of  women to protect themselves!


Men should promote women minimally take a women’s self-defense class and then help at home by letting women practice on them! Why would a men’s group try and take that away from women? Many women will not ever take the first step to protecting themselves if they are self conscious by having men in the same class. The result might be a woman is attacked that had the opportunity to learn a few moves that might have helped her. Who would want to take away that chance?


Ok – I understand there is some legal precedents maybe but that does not mean the laws are right and just. Men do not have to invade every part of female life just to be equal.


So what do you think about this story of the national coalition of men challenging Glendale community college’s women’s self defense class?

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3 Responses to “This is Silly, Women-Only Self Defense Gender Biased?”

  1. Dr. J Says:

    All I know is that the first woman to look sideways at me is in big trouble, and that includes the one I live with, because now I realize that you never know when they will strike!!

    I’m thinking about starting a self-offense class for men. I mean you know about how deadly high heels can be. Maybe that men’s group should look into banning those?

    Equal rights for men and women is a worthy goal, but once you have climbed that mountain, it is wise to be vigilant of not falling off the other side!

    Great post, John!

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    LOL Dr. J!

  3. Kim Kimmel Says:

    John, you should consider re-categorizing this article to your “humor” category. Very funny stuff.