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25 Aug 2009


I am always looking for cool websites to add to my blog roll. I like some blogs but do not link to them because I cannot leave a comment without joining something.


I got an email from the former world heavy weight karate/kick boxing champion Joe Lewis, but did not realize it was an RSS subscription at first. Mr. Lewis has a new blog that I will highlight in this post!


I found this cool women’s self-defense website last year I think and linked am just now highlighting the site! I will give a brief overview of Cheryl Watterson’s site. I also just recently discovered Mike Ballard’s boxing website with a new twist that I will also highlight. Here is a video of Joe Lewis vs Greg Baines in one of the first full contact fights.


Joe was commenting that he did not realize at the time how significant that fight was. Mr. Lewis was associated with Tracy’s karate for years as the Captain of the karate team fighting but he made a smooth transition and helped launch American Kick-Boxing!

Joe Lewis’s blog is entitled, “Tips from the Top” and I have linked to it on my interesting blog section. The post that I got as an RSS email was entitled, “Bruce Lee’s Principal, Power Side Forward?”  I have linked to the article but here is a snippet:

I get many questions from on my web site http://www.joelewisfightingsystems.com/ about fighting strategies, in this email I would like to share an important one.

Question: Mr. Lewis, when training for MMA shouldn’t you have your strong side in the rear?

Remember to click the post title to see Joe’s answer to this question on his new blog!


As a regular reader of this blog you know that women’s self-defense issues are near and dear to my heart. I think most men eventually learn how to fight about as good as they want to so I have never felt too bad for a man getting mugged. This might be callous but I’ve always thought that men should learn how to fight… if they don’t want to – they had better lead a sheltered life (my attempt at sympathy).


Women however are taught in society that they have to be nurturing, caring and go out of there way to be nice. That does not work so well with bad people that often take advantage of women’s caring nature. That is why I was happy to find Cheryl Watterson’s, “Self-Defense With An Attitude.”




Ms. Watterson always tackles the tough issues most people don’t want to talk about like how female real estate professionals can mitigate their safety risks. Her most recent post entitled, “Women At Risk – College Campus Saftey” deals with new college students concerns. I urge you to visit Cheryl’s excellent website.


I found Mike Ballard’s website (The Business of Boxing) quite by accident as I was looking for new innovations in fighting arts. The article I found was about the business side of the pugilistic arts, (boxing, kick-boxing, MMA).


Mr. Ballard’s post go into every facett that concerns fighters, from how to negeoate your first contract to promoting a fighting event! One article entitled, “Losers Who Win,” Mike makes the point that each kind of professional losers are the, “unsung hero’s of boxing.” Click the link to read this interesting article!


Well that’s it for my interesting finds this month. I hope you like these websites as well.

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