Uma Thurman in Kill Bill!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Celebrities
18 Apr 2009

6 Responses to “Uma Thurman in Kill Bill!”

  1. Ikigai Says:

    Pei Mei in Volume II is one of my favorite characters, not just in the kill bill movies, but in any kung fu movie!

    What a great portrayal of that classic chinese master from kung fu movies of old.

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Yep! Pei Mei is very entertaining :)

  3. Cameron Kelly Says:

    i seen Uma personally and she is quite a tall lady,..-‘

  4. Charlotte Hughes Says:

    Kill Bill is the best known work of Uma Thurman, i really like this tall girl-;:

  5. Anti-Aging : Says:

    i am a die hard fan of Kill Bill and at the same time a die hard fan of Uma Thurman too-~”

  6. Karate Kadri Says:

    I love this movie. It`s not realistic but it`s definitely entertaining. Really cool overview;:)
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