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22 Feb 2009


I was first a fighter and then a geek growing up and I started playing video games with Nintendo Tank and Pong. I thought these video games were really advanced back then but in the early 90’s I downloaded DOOM and was amazed! This DOS personal computing game was great. I enjoyed shooting the monsters and figuring out how to survive as long as I could. Now that I have ‘grown up’ I do not play video games anymore but still see how a person could find this very enjoyable. I heard a statistic recently that over 25% of adults play video games.


I was introduced to the concept of women fighting in video games when my boys bought Mortal Kombat. It was a fast moving game and each character seem to have a special way of killing their opponent. Well fast forward to today and I have discovered a video game that has apparently spawned from Bikini Karate Babes, called Warriors of Elysia or Bikini Karate Babes 2 that has a new twist. Watch this interview and then we will explore how this video game is different and some merits of this new genre of video games.



Did you catch the difference? Real people in a virtual reality environment! I have been waiting to do that for years ever since I watch episodes of Earth 2 on television. I think that someday people will be able to travel virtually on vacations just like Arnold the governator did in the Total Recall movie. Already there are computer programs that can simulate visual, auditory, smell, touch and taste to some degree! I think someday people will be able to plug into their computer and jump into steroid version of net meeting and look and feel like they are able to really meet in the virtual reality setting of their choice!


Getting back to this game – I would love to look at a copy when it comes out (maybe it already has as I’m not really in the video game loop) and see if it compares to the Mortal Kombat type of video game. I think it is a novel idea having bikini clad women fight because as Mira Popova (Aphrodite) mentions, women are not looked as being fighters. The fact that the women happen to be clad only in bikinis can only increase the likelihood teen-aged boys might like this game.


I found this clip last year of Bikini Karate Babes 2 (Warriors of Elysia) when I did not really understand what they were trying to do. You can see some fight sequences and many of these women appear to really know martial arts.



This video reminded me of the Amazon Women tales throughout history. Apparently there really were fierce woman fighters in and around Greece. I’m not much of a historian but there is no reason to believe that women could not learn to fight and become a top notch fighting force as in Ancient Greek times. My only comment would be to hope men and women could get along! I would not relish the role of a male Black Widow spider! :)


Now for the obvious critique, many women today do not like being objectified by men, meaning just because a woman has a nice physique – she does not want to be thought of only for her beauty! I think that is a reasonable argument and one each parent should make with their daughters. As far as I saw from these two clips – this video game does not seem to go overboard and really does focus with their storyline. The fact that there is fighting in this game is definitely a plus!


I hope you enjoy this video game and if you are so gaming inclined and let me know what you think of the game!


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