Weapons for Self-Defense?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
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25 Nov 2007

When I was a boy I heard the story about Okinawa being taken over by the Japanese and all weapons being outlawed! The Okinawans started co-opting farming tools as weapons. The dreaded nuchucku (chucks) are actually rice beaters. I was exposed to all of the traditional martial arts weapons but I noticed after “Enter the Dragon” was released – many martial arts weapons were banned. Lots of kids bought chucks and were hurting themselves and others due to their lack of skill and prudence.


California (the state I reside) has lots of laws banning weapons. I remember being put into secondary inspection while crossing from Tijuana to San Diego and being asked about my club in the front seat. I explained to the U.S. Boarder Patrol Agent that I would only use the club in self-defense. He advised me he did not have a problem but the California Highway Patrol Officer probably would. He told me to mention another use of the club if asked – to be legal. 


As I was learning the ropes in karate I did learn how to use the staff fairly well. I was also exposed to nuchucku’s, swords, sai’s and jutes. I was told by my instructor Richard Willett that learning the weapons would allow me to have the confidence to use anything lying around as a weapon if the need arose. Therein lies the rub… it is ok to carry mace, pepper spray or even a stun gun but not a club, staff, or sword to defend yourself!


I think all reasonable weapons (all of the above) should be allowed but because the legislature deemed a club as used by hoodlums – the rest of the population has to pretend their club is a baseball bat they accidently left in the car from their kid’s practice? 


In California law – your intentions are what the deciding factor is, in determining a weapon many times. If I were to use a walking stick to defend myself – that would be legal so long as I did not intend to bring the walking stick along as a weapon.


Here is what I do for myself. I do not go to bars or areas of town that I will likely find conflict normally. My wife has pepper spray that she keeps with her when she goes out at night. I do think that a person should consider the pros and cons of various weapons depending on their lifestyle. 


I don’t have anything against guns as I have owned them before but I am not all that comfortable having a gun with kids in the house. I don’t think kids are capable of reasoning things through enough to make a wise decision regarding a gun. I know people are suppose to use gun locks and gun safes but I think the reality of it is – if you need a gun – you need it now.


I have two large dogs, one small yapper dog, a cat (that I hope will run in front of the robbers and trip them as he does me!), bats (as in baseball – not vampire :) ) and a staff nearby in my home. That along with common sense, karate training and strong desire to survive – put me in a good position to defend myself and family. 


If you decide as my wife and I have – to use a non-lethal defense method as part of your overall strategy, check this site out: http://defendthyself.com/. Christopher Winkler has many products that can be used in conjunction with formal karate and self defense!


My advice to the rest of you is to consider the pros and cons of weapons and at a minimum – protect your castle somehow. Cops have no duty to protect you. If a robber is threatening you – the cop cannot do anything about it until he or she catches the crook! If you get injured – you cannot sue the cops for not protecting you – that is YOUR JOB!!!

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3 Responses to “Weapons for Self-Defense?”

  1. DefendThyself Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, yes, self defense products, used in conjunction with good self defense fighting techniques will save your butt. The best thing we have ever seen is the Avurt IM-5 Pava pepper powder launchers. Imagine a paintball gun that shoots pepper balls? It is awesome and can stop people from 40 feet, so they don’t get too close for comfort.

    You are spot on about the police. God bless them, though they won’t be there to help, only write the report. Check us out, and at least keep a pepper spray on your key chain, and a small stun gun in your pocket & Defend Thyself!

    Christopher Winkler
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