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20 Apr 2009


I’ve heard rumblings about the WEC going to PPV (pay per view) with the Brown vs. Faber 2 rematch but it has been put on hold. Wow, what a almost mis-step on the WEC’s part in my opinion. I’ve seen a couple of posts on this and what I am gleaning is the WEC wants to play with the big boys. In my opinion the WEC are the big boys, the 600 pound gorilla if you will because versus TV is widely available.


I am a salty old dog that enjoys the WEC’s liberal MMA rules and of course the price (free on VS TV)! If the WEC went to PPV events, my guess is it would struggle a bit because there is already the UFC fans that are used to paying for those events. I’m not all that sure all of the free versus TV viewers would start paying. What do you think? Lets look at the up coming card and speak a little about Torres last fight.




Here is the Miguel Torres vs Takeya Mizugaki bantamweight match. This match was atypical for Torres because it went 5 rounds and the judges score cards. Torres is at the top of his game at 31 and 1. He is an accomplished striker and grappler.


This is the first time I’ve seen Mizugaki but I was impressed by his power and hands inside. This was a close match but still decisive as you will see if you watch the videos. Here are the first three rounds.


TorrMizuA w40
by pakoland


Mizugaki is a good match up for Torres as you can see because he has good hands and can take a punch. Torres lost the first round on my card as he was feeling out Mizugaki. Now Torres started to pin Mizugaki against the cage and use elbows, knees, punches and even shoulders. The third round was challenging for Torres with his right eyebrow cut and arguably this round might have went to Mizugaki. Here are the fourth & fifth rounds.


TorrMizuB w40
by pakoland


Torres came back well in the fourth round – trying a couple of ways to take Mizugaki to the ground unsuccessfully but kept pressing the attack. The fifth round was all Torres as he pressed the fight to Mizugaki for a really good example of how to keep ahead on points. To Mizugaki’s credit, he kept Torres on his toes but unfortunately for him – telegraphed his attacks, allowing Torres to mitigate the effectiveness!


All in all even though this fight went to the judges, it is a fight well worth watching for the strategy. I only hope to keep watching WEC fights if they remain free on Versus TV!

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