Under: Self-defense
17 May 2015

2 Responses to “Woman Attacked – Gets Away – Self Defense or Fighting?”

  1. Dr. J Says:

    Good for her! Yes, fighting for sure. From what I’ve seen, self-defense techniques seem to focus on what to do if “this” happens to you, while fighting training is more spontaneous in nature.

    I suspect if a man didn’t come along, she would have continued to fight and do a lot more damage before someone finally rescued the assailant!

    When I’ve worked with women on self-defense, I stress different ways to strike and with what may be available to do so, and where to target these attacks.

  2. Erich Kemp Says:

    Yes, Self-defense is different and just fighting against someone is different. I have just read your article and could say its mind-opening one. Awareness regarding martial arts is very much important and you have done a great job to aware everyone related to martial arts. Good for girls article is this, a must watch girls. Thanks for sharing such an informative article.