Woman Defends Against Knife Attack!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
30 Jun 2013

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  1. Cathy Poole Says:

    Women can increase their chances of surviving a brutal attack by arming themselves with a few non-lethal tools like pepper spray and stun guns. I have been working with women for years and I have found that nothing throws off an attacker more than a woman that shots them in the eyes with pepper spray or stuns them with a stun gun. The surprised attacker will freeze and retreat once they feel the burning from the pepper spray. If they do try to continue, they will be completely stopped with a good little stun gun. And the best way to go is to find products that are disguised as some unthreatening devises such as a cell phone or a lip stick container. I also believe that the tools a woman uses should be non-lethal because of all the stories you hear of women who were killed with their own gun. That can’t happen with pepper spray and stun guns. Surprise the attacker and then take off running yelling as loud as you can. He will just turn and make his escape. End of story. I have many examples of these at my website, http://www.ProtectYourselfAmerica.com.

  2. Dr. J Says:

    Very glad to hear about this woman defending herself!

    We have had too many incidents here where they did not turn out as well, although at least most of the perps have been apprehended.
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  3. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Cathy – I’ve always endorsed layered defenses and non-lethal can certainly contribute here. Thanks for your comment.

    Hi Dr. J! That is the rub when searching for these stories – finding women or girls that will defend themselves is hard. Too culturally ingrained that girls are sugar and spice and everything nice – to many putting up a fight if flight does not work… does not seem to be a valid option.

    while I certainly don’t have a crystal ball (meaning will the defense work), but if one does not defend herself – she is at the whim of her attacker. :(

  4. Zara Says:

    Of course it’s a good thing she managed to escape unharmed (great in fact) but to me counterattacking against weapons is only the last resort since the danger is extraordinarily high. If someone actually attacks you with a knife (slash of stab and combinations thereof) obviously there is no choice and a strong counterattack is the only chance of survival but if a robber brandishes a knife to facilitate his plan of parting you with your money I’d say hand over your wallet. This applies to beginners and trained experts alike: it doesn’t matter how good you are there’s always a chance things will go sour and with weapons the consequences of mistakes tend to be quite grave.

    If he tries to abduct you via the threat by weapon display then it would be a good idea to fight since the chances of surviving being taken to a remote location aren’t that great.

    Conclusion: I train with weapons and I endeavour to become great at them but becoming familiar with knife, stick and the like (fire-arms are still a blind spot since they are quite difficult to obtain legally in my country and therefore impossible to train with on your own) has increased my wariness of facing them for real instead of decreasing it. If things go wrong from time to time in training (in fairly ideal circumstances even when sparring) then what are the chances of you pulling off a perfect defense for real?

    Today we practiced techniques against hold-ups with a knife (coming from kali-escrima and bearing the colourful names of ‘Manila busrides’): the point of the blade pressed into the side of the body or front of the throat, against the genitals etcetera and while control of the weapon-arm and disarms or reversals cerainly can be done it takes a lot of practice to get it down to perfection and the slightest hesitation or mistake will lead to a sharp reduction in life-expectancy. Lets hope I’ll never have to do this for real (no vacations to the Phillipines for me, lol)…

  5. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Well said Zara!

    The article did mention that the woman did not wait to see the guy’s intentions. Giving up property is always the best policy as once you enter into a fight – you are not sure of the outcome.

    Assuming he wanted to kidnap or worse – the woman’s options would be a running away, surprise counter-attack – get away , fainting compliance and then counter-attack – get away, or just give up and comply (a poor choice as your destiny is in the hands of an attacker).

    For me as a trained fighter – and assuming my wallet was NOT what the attacker wanted – I would stand and fight the son of a gun!

    My preferences would be to fight on the outside using critical distance and initial movement whenever I saw (or wanted to create) an opening. I don’t really think a knife gives the guy an advantage unless he realizes I can fight (an then only if he is good with a kinfe).

    Those Phillipineos and knives :)

    I loved what Crocodile Dundie said when muggers with knifes confronted him with a switchblade – that’s not a knife – this is a knife!” :)

  6. Zara Says:

    If one’s life or one’s dignity are on the line then it’s obvious fighting is the best choice and I for one am training to win, using any means necessary.

    It’s true surprise is your best ally in situations like that: I’d probably feign compliance and fear only to attack when there’s an opening. Clearly this is what this woman did and very succesfully. The worst you could do is get into a fighting stance indicating to the attacker you had some type of training.

    Luckily, at least here in the west, almost no-one has actual training in using a knife (apart from martial artist s who’re not likely candidates for a life of crime) and the attack-mode of criminals is fairly predictable (stabs in quick succession). People who are truly dangerous will not show their weapon and attack from a blindspot making defense almost impossible.

    I’ve sparred empty hands against knife (training variety of course) and I found it’s almost impossible to succesfully defend against that: the best you can hope for is getting him to back up a little so you can run but that’s about it.

    If you’re faced with a knife the best option is to run or comply if it’s money they want, if you can’t pull your own weapon if you have one or can find one in the enviroment, if that’s not possible you’ll have to go empty handed and pray to whatever supernatural power you believe in you’ll survive the encounter. In any case giving up means almost certain death so fight for all you’re worth and inflict the maximum amount of damage on him. People have been known to take multiple stabwounds and survive so unless he gets you in a vital area you’re not down and out.

    If I weren’t a humanist and a future lawyer I’d say cut off the thumb of any criminal who’s been convicted of murder, rape, armed robbery or the like so they’ll never get to use a weapon again. At least not untill they become proficient with the other side.

  7. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey Zara! Congrats for going for the Lawyer! I think you make sound arguments and would make a good one.

  8. Zara Says:

    Thanks for the compliment John. I do hope to make a name for myself in that profession although I still have a couple of years of study ahead of me. Law is fairly boring at times but I’ve been told (by lawyers, magistrates…) the work is much more interesting so I think I’ll stick with it. It’s not my main interest obviously but a man has to make a living somehow and I’d rather earn well if I can help it.

  9. Harshal Agarwal Says:

    It was really exciting to read this but for more precaution against such dangerous attacks we can also use the pepper sprays. And after a lot of research I find the cobra pepper spray is the best one that can control at max 10-12 people at once.

  10. Ken Barcroft Says:

    I think it is really outstanding that she fought off her attacker and was so relentless about it. You are right, girls do get labeled as being the “fairer sex” and don’t always command the respect they deserve, especially when they are trained properly. Good for her!
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  11. self defense keychain cat Says:

    Wow this was really cool how she fought off teh attacker. I tell my wife if someone tries to kidnap her to go crazy and fight till she gets away

  12. Harshal Agarwal Says:

    How to Choose the Right Program. Not all programs and instructors are equal and choosing the right one means the difference in being a victim or victor of a predatory attack.
    The responsibility for your safety and personal protection is in your hands. Empower yourself with the knowledge and the skills necessary to defeat the threat of violence. Ask you employer if they sponsor programs for self-defense and personal protection.

    And remember-“Don’t be a victim-be the victor”!

  13. Chris Says:

    That is great she was able to fight off her attacker, but I agree with Zara. She was pretty lucky the attacker took off. When we train knives in Krav Maga. The first basic technique we learn (besides not be in a knife fight) is to punch em in the face and run. Better to live.

    I’ve done knife seminars and come to the realization there is a slim chance you’re not going to get cut or stabbed in a adrenaline pumping real street fight with a knife.