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23 Mar 2014

7 Responses to “Women in Movie Fight Scenes; Can they be Realistic?”

  1. Dr. J Says:

    I agree, John! I would also like movies to be more realistic in many ways. The movie industry seems to feel that they must exaggerate everything. I’ve seen many documentaries that were much better than the Hollywood retelling of the same story.

    I know that women have the power to knockout or at least disable a man with a strike directed to the right areas. I imagine a long well-manicured fingernail into the eye would be effective :-)

    The problem that concerns me is that, from what I have seen, many women do not take the time to learn how to maximize the ability that they do have to defend themselves.

  2. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Dr J! I used to try and figure out why most people including women did not take the time to learn how to fight at some level when I owned a karate school.

    I never did find a great answer other than inertia… you know – if it has not happened to you before – it never will. :(

  3. Marshall@ Girl Fights Says:

    Completely agree with you. Most of the women fight scenes are just unreal, but as you know they thrill and shock us with intense choreographed violence all the time. Most of them are pretty impressive also, especially some of the Chinese fight scenes, such as Zhang Ziyi vs Michelle Yeoh – Crouching Tiger, there martial arts epicness earned it a place at the top of the best martial art fight scenes for me.

  4. Saleh bitar Says:

    Well This is known about women, first they do not like violence, more than a man would like, for many reasons, mainly because they do not want their men to be violent, then they as human beings, do not like violence. The world of women is actually more build on softness, feminity and a bit romance, which is very far from any kind of violence. Woman in general, they like, things in fighting, like exitements, quarrels, and controlling and having the authority on others, or rather to say, they like to be dominant, but this is not enough to let them have this violence in their homes.

  5. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi Marshall! Yes there are some cool fighting scenes out there. I am also impressed with their athleticism.

    Hi Saleh! Violence is distasteful and tough to deal with by men and women. And as you say women are not as willing. I really wish the world was a better place for many as it makes me sad to see how women are treated sometimes.

  6. B.warrior Says:

    I also have to agree there are plenty of ways women can do realistic fight moves and still make it flashy for the movies. The only movie I can think of that came close was Enough starring Jennifer Lopez. Other then that most are like the marvel movies. I still like these types of fight scenes in movies, but not every movie has to have them.

  7. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hi B.warrior!

    My biggest concern is women will watch these movies and TV shows and start thinking they can go toe to toe with anyone if they have the right attitude and fighting skills. In the world of fighting with equally skilled fighters – the middleweight will always beat the lightweight and the heavyweight will always beat the middleweight.

    Self-defense is different. If one is using surprise, evasion, a few quick moves and make a quick getaway (the definition of self-defense) – a lightweight can getaway from a heavyweight!