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11 Nov 2008


I found this two title fight  (IKKC and WFKBA) lightweight title fight between Germain de Randamie and Angela Rivera-Parr on youtube. I’ve seen Randamie before and remember she was a tough competitor. This is a women’s Muay Thai match where the winner waked away with both lightweight belts. Watch this video.



Wow that was intense… did you notice the front kicks being used like jabs? I think I like watching Muay Thai better than MMA because is is striking (me being a striker). I like to see strong women fighters so girls can understand that women can fight!


Many women grew up thinking that girls could not fight because they were not as strong a boys. Women have legs that are stronger then mens arms. If a woman learns how to kick and throw concentrated palms, eye gouges, elbows, half-fists and other strikes – women CAN fight!


Many women do not think they could fight (psychologically) if someone attacked them. What? What does how you feel have to do with defending yourself? Well I should not judge as I am a man. Men traditionally have been the protectors of women and many girls and women grew up thinking that they would always be protected.


I think most women would fight to protect their children so there is hope. I also hope that this sexist society we seemingly live in where girls grow up thinking they don’t have to protect themselves, changes soon. Fathers should be taking their daughters to karate class (as well as ballet). I think karate, judo, boxing and such is every bit as important for girls as soccer practice is (or at least it should be).


This remindes me of a funny story my wife told me last year while she was out with the her sister. Some guy started coming on to my wife and she verballyrebuffed him. The guy got fresh and started to paw her. My wife was shocked and angry in a split second the guy was trying to run the bases on her and struck him with an elbow that knocked him off of the chair (he was sitting beside her).


That is not the funny part but very entertaining… the funny part is my wife called the guy outside to kick his butt! The guy had no chance… if he went outside with a woman to fight – he would have lost either way. If he beat my wife up I am sure ANY other guy would have came to her rescue (as well as her sister and friends). If the guy got beat up by my wife – he would have never lived it down.


Any way the whole thing got diffused without a fight but I wanted to bring this up, not that I am endoursing women calling men out to fights but the thought that a woman would consider fighting for her honor (still probably not smart as my wife had just learned a few moves). Women should understand that they will probably not have to fight except for the few times they have to use self-defence! But if a woman needs to fight – there will be no time to consider what to do… just fall back on training (hopefully) and defend yourself!


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3 Responses to “Women’s Muay Thai – 2006 Lightweight Title Fight”

  1. Sly Says:

    I really like seeing the women using their legs like this. This fight was cool.

    In my particular situation, some strange creepy little man wouldn’t take no for an answer and tried to touch my crotch. An elbow to the face was the least I could do for him in return.

    I am just glad my wonderful husband had the patience to show me some fight moves. We also have kick boxed in our old workout room, which gave me a better understanding of critical distance and using every part of your body as a weapon.

    So girls, the next time you get hit on by a pig, just remember that you don’t have to allow this to happen. Hopefully you won’t have to experience anything like this, but if you do, elbows and kicks can really work to your advantage. Then run for you life, heehee…

    Thanks for posting this John.

  2. Zara Says:

    Great fight, these women were every bit as good and tough as men and both fought honourably. That lady in black: what a hunter! Yet her opponent didn’t cave, not even after that first front kick that knocked her down and the punishment that followed, and that’s showing guts and fighting-spirit. This truly shows what women are capable of if they put their mind to it and I agree they’re excellent role-models for young girls. That being said I don’t think most women will ever be able to summon this kind of courage and zeal (not to mention expertise), most girls who take up thai-boxing are tomboys and usually have elevated testosterone-levels, at least compared to other women. Most of the women fighting in the ring came from rather tough upbringings (as do most men who fight professionally I presume) so this is not exactly an indication of what women in general can do but then again: only a tiny minority of men is actually brave and skillful enough to step into the ring and duke it out. Excellent match: just look at the loser’s face, complete disbelief that she lost and this shows she’s a real fighter, confident in her own abilities.


  3. John W. Zimmer Says:

    Hey Sly, It was kind of funny hearing about my wife getting into an altercation with a guy while going out with the girls. Women can fight men but I’d rather see it as a surprise move than calling the guy out in the back ally… what can I say – my wife (Sly) does not take s@#t from no one! :)
    He Zara, These were some good fighters. Yep most women are not to this level but as you said… they are good role models!