YouTube Channel for My Self Defense Blog

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: HEMA, martial arts
19 Feb 2017

3 Responses to “YouTube Channel for My Self Defense Blog”

  1. Matt Klein Says:

    Good stuff John. It is ALL GOOD when it comes to martial arts! Love the vids, it helps me remember, compare, and contrast. Most of your Kenpo is almost exactly how it was taught to me by Master Todd.

  2. Jeanne Thompon Says:

    Martial arts is such a great thing to learn. Apart from the fight moves you will learn, it also teaches you to stay calm when faced with danger. Having other non lethal self defense weapons in your person like stun guns, pepper sprays, steel batons or kubotans will also help increase your chances of survival. Great blogs! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Monica Says:

    Gonna love the videos!

    Thanks for starting the channel. I’m going to subscribe.
    Also I haven’t ever mentioned this before today but thanks for keeping the blog updated its always a fun read.

    cheers mate


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