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How to Fight Fair! What is Fair Fighting?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Dueling
3 May 2014


To my amazement when looking for a video on the topic of fighting fair – I did not find one. I mean that is the most important question if someone challenges you to a fight – right? I mean it is not self defense and you can back down… but say you think the guy needs to be taught a lesson and you want to teach the pugilistic lesson so the next poor slob will not have to endure whatever this idiot is dishing out. Is there a generally agreed on set of rules to fighting fair?


Let me just say two words – grow up! Dueling has been illegal for a hundred or more years. In California I have seen cops decline to take action because no one other than the fighters got hurt and they (the fighters) agreed to, “mutual combat.” I would like to say I have never (ahm…) been in a “fun” fight purely for some attitude adjustment or to underscore an old boxing vs karate argument… but I have at times in my youth. What were the rules you may ask – they were to fight fair!


In this post I will try to bring back a concept from my youth… fair fighting and how I see the modern generation missing this point. But first I will play an old standard, Elton John’s, “Saturday Nights is Alright for Fighting.”



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