New Moon is Here; Vamps and Wolves!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Movies
14 Dec 2009


I had a treat a few weeks ago, as I heard a new movie was coming out called New Moon, by watching the first movie called Twilight. The reason it took so long for me to watch Twilight was because I heard it was a kids movie… you know a love story written around a little action.


Well to my surprise the love story was not too bad and the vampires in Twilight were fun to watch! I also heard the werewolf in New Moon (played the native American in Twilight) was a kid karate champion so I decided to review parts of this saga and the actor Taylor Lautner. Here is a preview of New Moon.



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Under: martial arts
31 Oct 2009

Do you remember the last cool martial arts movie stunt you saw! I know there have been some digital animation or such to “enhance” some stunts but there seems to be a trend toward pushing the human body to new limits!


I just figured out that Extreme Martal Arts (XMA) exists as does newer iterations called Tricking. Both of these activities are not what one could call martial arts (read fighting arts) because they seem to focus more on showmanship and totally disregard self-defense and fighting. Still there are martial arts woven into these activities as well as the more traditional martial arts iterations of fighting stunts.


In this post I will briefly review Tricking, XMA and martial arts stunts and speak of the advantages and disadvantages to these disciplines. Here is a video of Pataman Gym Time Trickingschule Berlin for your perusal.



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