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I’ve been asked to review, a website that has all sorts outdoor and survival gear. Looking at the landing page the website is well organized into sections, starting with gear on the left. I found an ample supply of hard to find military quality gear. 

One example I was looking at, a CAMELBAK® M.U.L.E.® ™ MAX™ GEAR HYDRATION SYSTEM ~ 3.O LITER/100 OZ that would be a perfect companion for my mountain biking adventures. If you look at this item you will notice another neat feature of the website – there are often more than one picture and there is a description tab below that has all of the information about the product.


I noticed there is an ample supply of military gear from clothes to speciality packs. One application of these supplies surprised me. I found a Brigade Quartermasters, BGood, The Giving Back Program, Goodies for the Good Guys program that allowed for donations to the troops! This program has allowed Brigade Quartermasters to give extras when shipping orders out as the Letters from the Troops illustrate. Apparently military families shipping comfort items and supplies to their loved ones are very pleased with the fast service as well as the extras included in their shipment. In this post I will highlight some of the features and products of this website.


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