Brown vs Aldo Upset! Jose Aldo Wins!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
18 Nov 2009

Just a quick update on tonights fight. Jose Aldo won decisively in the 2nd round. Brown looked strong but he did not have an answer for Aldo’s speed and was not able to take Jose down. Aldo kicked and punched Brown in his normal relaxed fasion. Jose took Mike down in the 2nd and then rained down unanswered punches to Mike’s head… took the W!

Under: MMA
18 Nov 2009


Wednesday, November 18, 2009 is when Mike Brown is defending his title against Jose Aldo. I’ve been watching both fighters recently and have been impressed by Brown’s title defenses and Aldo’s decisive wins.


Both fighters in my view  could walk away with the belt. Brown does well against pressure and may successfully defend against Aldo’s standup and ground onslaught but it should be a great fight.


By the way Tito Ortiz vs Forest Griffin is happening this Saturday and should get a mention. Its not that I am not excited about this bout but I have to snake it from the internet if I am to see any of it. This as most UFC bouts is – is a PPV event.  I think Brown vs Aldo is also PPV somewhere but I can still see it on Versus TV! Here is the preview of Brown vs Aldo.



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