Girls Elbow – Kick Attackers; Get Away!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: Self-defense
30 May 2010


Here are a couple of stories about girls fighting back and getting away! To set the stage, girls and women are mostly attacked by big boys or men (at lease bigger then they are) who want to rob or rape them. The reason I bring up this point is it must be very unnerving to a girl to have a big man attack her.


A girl has some choices but if she finds herself in an attack her only choices are to run if possible, fight back or give in. I like the first two choices because it give the girl the best chance at survival but if a girl give in – she is putting her life in the hands of a bad guy.


Who knows the outcome. I’d argue in most cases it makes more sense to fight overwhelming odds than get into a vehicle with a bad man. But I understand this is a tough call to make as many women survive bad situations.


Before we get started with these stories, I’d like to show you video of the John Gardner victim who got away (struck him in the nose). Candice Moncayo got a reaction of anger from Gardner when she mentioned the strike in open court. Candice Moncayo fared better then Chelsea King or Amber Dubois by fighting back. I don’t know if Chelsea or Amber were able to put up a fight against this big bad monster of a man.




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Under: Self-defense
7 Mar 2010


I’m sure that you have heard about the rash of girls attacked in Southern California lately. Is there any one answer? Is it safe for girls to go out of the house anymore? Is is fair that girls can be victimized like this?


There are far too many of these questions that people think of to rationalize their view – so the world still makes sense if you will. While I generally think that girls and women that go out running alone with sparse people around, are at higher risk. I still tend to think that the vast majority of these girls and women will not get assaulted.


This is of no value to the girls that do get attacked. First off it is not fair that girls have to take more precautions then boys do. Boys have to be careful too but seem to take more chances then girls do and end up ok more often. This is a feeling I get and have not validated it statistically (based on my own experience.


In this post I will talk a bit and like to stories of the recent victims. I will talk about women’s equal rights and expectation of safety in a free society and how this should be mitigated by reality. I will stress that none of they girls did anything wrong. There are just some bad people in the world. I will talk about how I try to stay safe and the precautions I have to take and how girls and women might adjust their safety plan to decrease their exposure to risk. Here is one video of recent events to start the dialog.


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