Warrior Women? Some History and Thoughts!

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: martial arts
2 Jul 2010

I learned how to fight as a kid out of necessity but I did not really think of girls fighting. I mean that it did not happen when I was a kid. Girls were the weaker sex and they were too nice. Girls did not seem to have the ‘killer instinct’ boys did to do whatever it took to win, or even fight!

As I grew up I was exposed to the idea of women fighting. Yes girls were weaker than boys but with karate or judo, a few fighting tricks, I reasoned could even up the score. 

In this post I am going to explore the idea of women having the ‘fighting spirit’ necessary to win a fight, I will also look back a bit to the fabled Women Amazon Warriors and then comment about some of today’s women fighters. To get this started here is probably one of my first exposures of a woman warrior – Wonder Woman!



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The Year of Women’s MMA; 2010?

Posted by: John W. Zimmer
Under: MMA
7 Feb 2010


After watching the video of Strike Force’s Chris “Cyborg” Santos’ latest win, I wonder, is 2010 going to be the breakout year for women’s MMA? We have watched Gina Carano rise to become one of the most recognized female fighters and then lose the title fight to Cyborg in 2009. There are more women kick boxers/Muay Thai fighters learning how to do jiu jitsu so they can compete in MMA so I ask you – Is 2010 going to be the year of women’s MMA?


In this post I will talk about if this is the year women’s MMA is going to take off. I will talk a bit about the perception of women’s MMA in general and the required skill sets. Here is an overview of women’s MMA created in mid-2009.



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